I believe that everyone has a story to tell, but that just not everyone has the time or the willingness to put it in writing

As a ghostwriter my job is to understand your essence and help you connect with your audience by using carefully selected words.

I’m a firm believer that the written word is a form of art that can pack a mighty punch.

Excellent writing has the power to inform, instruct, and communicate a message.

It also has the ability to entice, influence, and persuade—all desirable qualities that can help to attract attention for a business, invoke curiosity, land a sale, and even gain a valuable client or customer.

A few other random facts about me...


I love traveling. Every time I travel somewhere I find it to be the most nourishing experience.


I'm dyslexic. This has taught me that effort is the key to overcoming all the challenges you set for yourself and that dyslexia is actually my superpower.


I adore sports, I can't go more than 2 days without moving my body. Last year I ran my first marathon, and I'm preparing for the triathlon in 2023.


I would like to know how to play an instrument, but I have never found enough time to learn it.


I'm in love with my dog, Cactus. She is a cross between a Belgian Shepherd and a Boxer, and she has stolen my heart.


I cannot spend more than 1 month without seeing the sea. I need it to breathe.

Ready to meet and find the right words for your business?

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